Yorkshire Terrier

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In the 19th century the Yorkshire Terrier was originally used in clothing mills to rid the grounds of rats, but later the breed became popular with European high society. The long, luxurious blue and tan coat of the Yorkie makes them very unique. The small, toy breed stands at 6 to 7 inches and weighs an average of 7 pounds. The long coat requires regular brushing and the small sized breed requires minimal exercise.



Douglas R. Beck

We need a english or and american indian name for our New BABY!


looking for a cut name but diffent and he is a male


My dog is yorkis-Chi just had 5 pups. And are very cute pups


thank u but i have one now he has been trouble when it comes to going to the bathroom outsdie but we r working on it but there is someone looking for one who i know how much r u asking


Hi guys! Just got a new female yorkie what shall I name it! Give me some feed back! Thanks! :)


we have a yorkie pup, 3 weeks old, we need a cut name, is a male. we need feed back!!

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